I’ve held my tongue long enough.

NO WONDER normies think this movement is whacked-and because I have to suffer in silence, now you do too.

You wouldn’t believe the bullshit I wade through in a day’s time, just to bring you the news you can use.

This poor woman thinks she’s being visited by galactics and is Q’s most very special warrior.

I don’t condone making fun of mental illness, I pity her.

I digress.

I love me some Linda Paris, but recently she said in a video that Melania Trump is Princess Diana reincarnated. Perhaps I misunderstood her, and I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt, we do get fatgued.

Christian 21 Intel-he is the living embodiment of the lunatic fringe.

God has a good sense of humor, I’ll give Him that.

I’m running out of options, people.

Guess I’ll just go with John and the Don.

Carry on.


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